That Sock Will Look Better, Right-Side-Out.

The Discovery

Have you ever put on your favorite pair of socks and, a few hours later, you look down and notice the pattern is messed up on one sock?  The texture of it looks frayed and the pattern is a bit blurry.  It’s a silly thing to get sad about but it’s your favorite pair of socks.  You know…. The white ones with the black polka dots.  They’re comfy and not too loud, but not too boring.  They’re no-show socks so you can get away with wearing them with anything.  Nobody knows they’re there, unless you want them to.

In this instance, imagine you’re home on a weekend, wearing the socks with no shoes.  You glance down and notice the left one is messed up.  You feel a little sad and vow to throw them away, at the end of the day.  You go about your day, cleaning up and spending time with family.  A few times throughout the day you think about it, glance down, and shake your head.  At the end of the day, you sit down to take them off and that’s when you notice the sock is inside out.  You have spent an entire day saddened about something that wasn’t even an issue.  The problem wasn’t the sock.  It was your perception.  You laugh as you remove the sock.

“Why is nothing going right?”

Now, imagine you’re attempting to use the law of attraction to attract something- maybe more money. You’ve read all the books; you’ve listened to all the podcasts; and you’re part of several online groups that coach people through using the law of attraction but it just doesn’t seem to be working. You wake up every morning, dreading going to work. You take a shower and, as you look in your closet to find the perfect outfit for another dreadful day, you find nothing. All the clothes in your closet are either too boring or too over-the-top for work. You grab something, put it on, and walk to the mirror. You look at yourself and notice your hair color is still too orange. You can’t stand the way it looks. All your friends say it’s got a beautiful caramel color to it, but you just don’t see it. You wanted a caramel color, but this is not it. This is clearly orange.

Is your perception the issue?

You can probably see where I’m going with this. Is your hair color orange or is it caramel? Are your friends all lying to you? No. It is most likely your perception. If you are waking up, dreading going to work and that’s what you begin your day focused upon, you might focus only on the negative, all day. Surely, there is something you can focus on that is coming up, either in your day or week or month that you can be excited about. Are all your clothes wrong or are you walking to the closet with a negative mindset and probably overlooking the fact that the boring black slacks might pair nicely with the cute tank top with a jacket or cardigan. In other words, is the sock inside out? What are you missing?

Make a list.

If the law of attraction brings you more of what you’re focused on, why focus on the negative?  Find something good to focus on.   Try making a grateful list daily.  It only takes three things you’re grateful for to change your mindset.  If you are having a day when you find this activity challenging, start with the simplest thing you can think of.  Think about the people you love.  Look around the room and identify items you feel grateful for.  Then, write the name of the person or item down and why you love it. 

Your list may go something like this: “I’m grateful for this dresser.  I love it because it holds my clothes and matches my bed and nightstand.  I can remember when I picked the bedroom suite out at the furniture store.  I was so excited because it was my favorite type of wood.”  Then, continue with the next two items. 

You might discover the list gets easier, after you’ve written down the first item.  Additionally, attempt to list a variety of items from one day to the next.  Try not to list the dresser every day.  If you find that difficult, list the dresser and then continue the list, attempting to find two new things you’re grateful for.  Once you start naming things you’re grateful for, it will often prompt your brain to continue identifying things.  Once, I challenged myself to list 100 things I was grateful for, and I did not struggle to find items to list.  Instead, I found it difficult to stop listing things.  That’s a great problem to have.

Remember this.

Remember that the law of attraction sends you the things you think about and circumstances to match your feelings. If you’re feeling good, you will attract good experiences. Since writing the grateful list makes you feel good, evidenced by the fact that it may be hard to stop listing things- even once you’ve put down the pen. This means you will be subconsciously searching for things, people, and circumstances that you like and are grateful for. Your mission is accomplished, because you have changed your focus and how you are feeling. 

I hope you like this suggestion. Let me know what you think in the comments section.

Sending positive vibes your way!

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