What is a Niche, and Why Does it Matter?

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Are you considering starting a new online business? If so, skipping this step could cause your business to lag behind the competition. The first thing you should do is choose a niche. Put simply- who are you serving, and how do you serve them?

If you have not identified your niche, read on to find out:

  • What is a niche?
  • Why does it matter?
  • How to use your blog post topics to identify your niche.
  • How you can get a Buyer Persona Research Guide for FREE, so you can simplify the “who” part of your niche.
  • How your niche affects your life.
  • Some questions to help you research your niche.

What is your website’s vibe?

All websites should have a niche that indicates what the site is about and who it is for. Even if you consider your site to be a ‘general’ site or a blog that is not about just one thing, it will have a vibe to it. For instance, if you write about meditation, yoga, and affirmations, you likely have a spiritual or a mental health centered approach to your blog. When you know and understand your niche, you are one step closer to having a successful website.


Who do you serve?

Believe it or not, many website owners or bloggers are not in-tune with their niche, and this causes their websites to suffer. You must know what your niche is. For most bloggers and website owners, the question of what their website is about or who it is for is easy to answer. For instance, when you read the title of this post, you probably thought, “Oh. I know that answer. My blog is about puppy training,” or “eye makeup hacks.”

How to use your topics to identify your niche:

If you characterize your website as more of a general one, by making a list of your most common topics, you can inspect them and ask yourself:

  • What makes these topics come together?
  • How are they similar?
  • What are the defining characteristics of the readers?

If you want to simplify characterizing your target customer, use the Buyer Persona Research Guide to help you get it done. You can get it free HERE.

You may have created a new niche or a micro-niche of another niche through your content topics’ variations. As long as your content continues to be relevant to your target, you are on the money.

According to Hubspot, some benefits of having a micro-niche for your marketing focus are:

  • Decrease in competition.
  • Loyalty to your brand.
  • Highly engaged communities.

How does your chosen niche affect your life?

Many people choose a niche based on their interests. This is great, considering you could be writing about this topic for the next 10+ years. Since you will be fully immersed in the world of your niche- your topic and those you serve (your tribe)- you must be ready to learn and write about this topic for these people. Comprehension of the subject matter is essential if you want to give your audience valuable and unique content. Meaning, you will need to continually research and learn about your topic. You could hire a professional writer, but there are no guarantees that you will find someone passionate about your topic. If the writer has no interest in what she is writing, it is easy for content to flop.

Don’t forget to research your niche and find out:

  • How competitive is the niche?
  • How many competitors are there?
  • Is it safe to assume that you can insert yourself into this niche and profit from it?
  • How can you position your website to stand out among your competitors? For example, is your product better, is it cheaper, is it a luxury product? There are plenty of ways to make your product stand out.
  • Is your target customer capable of paying what you will charge for your product or services? If not, all your effort could be for nothing, or you might have to pivot later. Learning as much as possible now can keep you from having to re-position later.

To sum it up, define your niche early to ensure continuity and maintain readership. You can choose your niche based on your topics and the people you serve, and your niche matters. You will spend many hours researching and writing about your chosen topic or various topics relevant to your chosen tribe. That’s why you must be passionate about your topic and your tribe. We will dive a bit deeper into your niche in the next post. Until then, you might want to read:

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