The Meditation Technique so Good, it’s Almost Scandalous!

Beginner meditators often wonder about essential elements of meditation, meditation tools, and meditation techniques. This post answers those questions and provides a step-by-step guide for the Sunrise Meditation technique. Plus, you’ll find specific examples for using the Sunrise Meditation technique to make new commitments and manifest the results you seek.

The Sunrise Meditation Technique- Conquer something new. Feel amazing. Repeat.

Beginner meditators often wonder about essential elements of meditation, meditation tools, and meditation techniques. This post answers those questions and provides a step-by-step guide for the Sunrise Meditation technique. Plus, you’ll find specific examples for using the Sunrise Meditation technique to make new commitments and manifest the results you seek

Meditation elements

Meditation includes several elements. Though these elements need not be used in every form of meditation, they tend to make meditation practices more effective and helpful, especially for beginners or busy people.

What’s the most essential element of meditation?

The essential element of meditation is focused attention. Without this element, it is impossible to practice meditation.

Why does meditation require focused attention?

Focusing your attention allows you to train your mind and escape from distractions.

Did you know that focus is essential for entrepreneurs?

This is yet another way meditation helps you outside of your session- if you practice focus during meditation, you will focus- even when you’re not meditating.

How can I focus my attention?

You can focus your attention by closing your eyes, focusing on an object, or reciting an affirmation.

Relaxed Breathing

Another essential element of meditation is relaxed breathing. Relaxed breathing includes deep, even-paced, and intentional breathing.

Why use relaxed breathing during meditation?

The purpose of this element is to:
• take in more oxygen
• reduce muscle tension
• experience the benefits of enhanced breathing.

Find a quiet setting.

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Unless you are practicing a rigorous form of meditation, finding a quiet setting is another powerful element of meditation.

Need suggestions of Where to Meditate?


Why should I meditate somewhere quiet?

Quiet settings will allow you to better escape from the distractions and focus your mind. Some experienced meditators intentionally skip this element so that they can challenge their minds and bodies.

Find a comfortable position.

Another optional element of meditation is a comfortable position. Whether you are walking, sitting, or lying down, you should feel comfortable to get the most out of your practice.

You should never meditate in a position that feels painful, unsafe, or dangerous.

Open Attitude

Finally, the last element of meditation is an open attitude. Like the focused attention element, it is impossible to meditate without an open attitude.

Why is an open attitude necessary for meditation?

This element will allow you to:

• Practice
• challenge yourself
• grow without self-judgment and ridicule.

Meditation tools

As we have learned, there are different types of meditation. One way to distinguish these many techniques is through the use of tools.


The most popularly known meditation tool is postures or asanas. Asanas are used in both spiritual and non-spiritual meditations.

They can include:
• yoga postures
• walking
• mindfully doing a task.

Yoga classes, for example, use asanas as part of their meditative practices.

Prayer Beads

Another popular meditation tool is prayer beads.

Prayer beads are used as tools of devotional meditation in spiritual settings such as:

• Christianity
• Gaudiya Vaishnavism
• Buddhism
• Jainism

The meditator recites a mantra as each bead is counted and continues this until the entire mala or beaded chain is finished.

Sunrise Meditation Technique

Many religious and spiritual leaders start their day with a sunrise meditation. The quiet atmosphere and the fresh feel of a new day make sunrise meditation a perfect addition to your morning routine.
The technique is simple- For the most part, meditate like you usually would, but do it during sunrise.

How to do a sunrise meditation:

• After finding a comfortable seat and ensuring your back is straight, begin concentrating on your breathing.
• After a few rounds of slow, conscious breaths, focus on the sunrise. Watch as the sun climbs the sky, and the colors change.
• Ponder how the change in colors can signify the change in days.

You’re starting a new day, ripe with possibility.

Symbolic Sunrise Meditation

You can also perform a sunrise meditation to signify a new chapter or commitment in your life. For example, if you’ve just moved to a new town, a sunrise meditation is a great way to symbolize your new life in a new place.

If you’re using the sunrise meditation to signify a new commitment, like a new diet or lifestyle, you might watch the sunrise and consider how you will “rise up” or “ascend” now that you have made this new commitment.

Use the following as a guide for your symbolic sunrise meditation:

•What will it feel like to be on the other side of your current challenge?

For instance, many people find diet changes challenging to implement. While there are many techniques to aid you in your diet change commitment, it can seem daunting at best.

Visualization tips for committing to a new diet:

  • Take the time to visualize what you will look like 3 or 6 months from now.
  • Imagine hearing the compliments of your family and friends.

How will it feel when you’ve accomplished this goal?

• How will it feel to know that you faced the challenge and stuck with it?

Will you feel:

  • Accomplished?
  • Proud?
  • Excited?
  • Healthy?
  • Happy?
  • Sexy?

Dig deep and immerse yourself in those feelings.

At the end of your meditation, journal the experience and any insight you gained from it.

You can modify the guidance above to fit your situation. Just remember to explore what your senses will perceive and what emotions you will feel after you’ve accomplished your goals. This is vital for manifesting change and is more than a simple Q&A. You are outlining how you want to experience your desired outcome, so the universe can mirror it back to you.

Key takeaways:

There are many techniques and tools you can use when meditating. Sunrise meditation is an excellent technique for starting your day or a new chapter or commitment in your life. The more you ponder what you will experience, the more likely you will be to manifest the experience you desire.


Are you too busy to meditate?

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