What do the Loving-kindness Meditation and Anger Management Have in Common?

What do the Loving-kindness Meditation and Anger Management Have in Common?

Are you looking for a new meditation technique? If so, check out the Loving-kindness meditation. It has many benefits, one of which might surprise you.

Read on to find out.

Woman standing with her arms up and outstretched, indicating a connection with nature and freedom.

Are you looking for a new meditation technique?

If so, check out the Loving-kindness meditation. It has many benefits, one of which might surprise you.

There are four parts to this post:

  • What is loving-kindness meditation?
  • What are the benefits of loving-kindness meditation?
  • How to do a loving-kindness meditation.
  • Suggested phrases for a loving-kindness meditation.
  • What is Loving-kindness meditation?

    Loving-kindness meditation, AKA Metta Meditation, is a Buddhist meditation practitioners use to improve and enhance feelings of kindness, compassion, and acceptance of oneself and other people. You might even use it to meditate on sharing love with animals.

    It’s done by reciting phrases filled with love and positivity towards yourself and others. Remember to be mindful and to fully immerse yourself in the positive energy you are sending out. Really feel the love.

    According to Healthline, since the purpose of loving-kindness meditation “is intended to promote compassion and kindness, it may be ideal for those holding feelings of anger or resentment.”

    It’s great for those with anger issues or PTSD, but most people benefit from loving-kindness.

    What are the benefits of loving-kindness meditation?

    Practitioners receive the usual benefits of meditation, plus the opportunity to develop and nurture:

  • Trust
  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Connectedness
  • Kindness
  • Love
  • Infographic- multi-toned blue: "Since pain is an adaptive emotion, depression and anxiety often contribute to it. One benefit you might not expect from the loving-kindness meditation is pain relief. "


    How to do a Loving-kindness Meditation:

    • Select 2 phrases for your meditation- 1 directed towards yourself and another directed at your friends and family. You can use the same phrase and alter it for the “who” if you’d like.
    • Find a quiet spot.
    • Have a seat with your back straight.
    • Begin focusing on your breathing. Feel it fill your chest when you inhale and empty your chest when you exhale.
    • Turn your attention to your heart space.
    • Optional: Place your hands on your chest to keep yourself mindful of your heart. You might also want to visualize your chest glowing green (like the Heart chakra) when you recite your phrase.
    • Begin repeating your phrase, and focus on what it means. How does it make you feel?
    • Repeat the phrase ten times.
    • Turn your attention to your loved ones.
    • Visualize them.
    • Repeat your loved ones’ phrase ten times while focusing on the meaning and the way the phrase makes you feel.
    • You can continue to repeat your loved ones’ phrase, directed towards acquaintances and neighbors, then your town’s community, etc.- as far out from you as you would like, or you can stop at repeating the phrase for yourself and loved ones.
    Photo by Alexandr Podvalny on Pexels.com

    Suggested phrases for a Loving-kindness Meditation

  • May I find peace.
  • May I feel safe.
  • May I love myself as my creator does.
  • If none of the phrases above are appealing to you, you can create your own. You can start by considering an emotion you want to focus on- love, happiness, etc. Then, build your phrase from there.

    Key takeaways

    The key takeaway is that the Loving-kindness meditation is a great technique for anyone wanting to improve their self-image, increase their self-love, be kinder to themselves and others, or deal with anger issues or PTSD. Lastly, the effects of loving-kindness meditation go beyond emotional benefits and can even help with chronic pain.

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