Which of Your 5 Senses Can Interfere with Meditation?

Which of Your 5 Senses Can Interfere with Meditation?
If you’re learning to meditate, you might be wondering how your five senses affect your meditation. Indeed, your five senses play a role in your meditation, especially if you’re listening for guidance from spirit.

Read on for the tip and the technique.

If you’re learning to meditate, you might be wondering how your five senses affect your meditation. Indeed, your five senses play a role in your meditation, especially if you’re listening for guidance from spirit. 

In this post, you’ll learn:

  • How your senses affect your ability to receive messages from spirit 
  • How practicing affects your ability to meditate 
  • The top ways people receive messages during meditation 
  • Which of your 5 senses can interfere with meditation?
  • A story of how following the tip helped someone learn to receive messages from spirit 
  • The “Review Your Day” Technique

How your senses affect your ability to receive messages from spirit 

One way that meditation works for you is that it allows you to clear your mind and receive guidance from spirit. In her post, 6 Types of Spirit Guides & How to Communicate With Them, Tanya Carrol Richardson suggests adding a meditation practice to your schedule to help quiet your mind so you can communicate with your spirit guides.

 I like to use meditation to confirm that I am on track to accomplish my life’s mission, and I’ve found that tuning in and listening during meditation is an excellent tool for doing so. 

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How practicing affects your ability to meditate

The more you practice, the clearer the messages you will receive. According to a 2017 study, “spiritual meditation focuses on developing a deeper understanding of spiritual/religious meaning and connection with a higher power,” writes author Victoria Stokes in her post about spiritual meditation. I’ve found that when I meditate regularly, I have less monkey mind to muddle through before I can have a clear enough mind to receive the message.


The top ways people receive messages during meditation

You can receive your messages in a variety of ways. For example, you might hear the message. It might sound like a loved one or authority figure speaking to you. Or your messages might be visual. Some people feel their messages. Others have an inner knowing or see visions. Gabby Bernstein, New York Times Bestselling author, recommends asking for guidance from your guides and then listening by meditating. According to Gabby, “when we attune our energy to the frequency of love and peace, we can more easily connect to the vibrational messaging of our spirit guides.” I receive my messages in different ways during different times, but I felt my messages as sensations as a child. I could tell how something would play out by how it felt.

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Which of your 5 senses can interfere with meditation?

You’ll receive more precise messages if you meditate with your eyes closed. That’s because your “normal” vision can get in the way of messages from your third eye, says Christina Lopes, Heart Alchemist. If you are a highly visual person, this is especially important for you. I’ve always found that closing my eyes works best because it keeps me from being otherwise distracted.


A story of how closing my eyes during meditation helped me receive messages from spirit 

As previously mentioned, I almost always close my eyes during meditation- even before I knew a valid reason for doing so. For me, closing my eyes is a signal to my brain that meditation has begun. After asking for guidance, I open up to receiving it. It’s like tuning into a radio station; if you tune in to the one you want, you’re more likely to hear the type of music you are looking for.

You might remember the Wildwood Technique that I wrote about previously. The first time I used the technique, I realized how powerful the messages from my third eye could be. After asking my question, I was flooded with images of what life would look like if I chose the first road, and I was flooded with images of the life I could expect if I chose the second road. What I wasn’t expecting was to see a third option that I hadn’t noticed before.

That experience was powerful for me, and I know that meditation can deliver just as powerful of an experience for you, too. I know this because there have been countless other stories of people receiving messages from their spirit guides. For example, Gabby Bernstein frequently receives messages from her spirit team.

“Review Your Day” Technique

Here’s a technique for finding significance in the different parts of your day. You can also use it to process your day and search for ways to empower some of the day’s activities, so you can put into motion the life you want to live.

  1. At the end of the day, go to your meditation spot. Have a seat, set your timer, and close your eyes.
  2. Focus on your breathing for ten rounds in and out. Breathe in slowly and deeply, and exhale completely during every round.
  3. Ask your spirit guides to show you anything you need to pay attention to.
  4. Imagine you are sitting in a movie theatre. You don’t need to worry about being interrupted or someone seeing something private because you are the only one in the theatre.
  5. Let the movie screen come to life and watch the events of your day play on the screen.
  6. As you watch, pay attention to the movie. Are there parts that seem to be on pause? If so, ask your guides the meaning unless you instantly know it. It’s not uncommon for us to have innate knowledge regarding spirit messages, but sometimes we need a bit more practice. Other times, we might be hesitant to believe that something has the potential to be such a blessing in our lives, or we struggle to let go of ego-driven habits or thoughts.
  7. Allow the movie to play to the end, tending to any scenes that seem vital to the message.
  8. After the movie is over, the screen will go white.
  9. Thank your guides for helping you see what you need to see, hear what you need to hear, feel what you need to feel, and know what you need to know.
  10. Open your eyes and take out your journal.
  11. Allow yourself to free-write for 10 minutes (or more if you feel it’s necessary). When free-writing, put your pen to the paper and allow the thoughts and messages to flow through you onto the paper.
  12. Reflect on any messages you received during the meditation or free-writing.

The key takeaway is that you can receive messages from spirit during meditation or free-writing. Your messages might be perceived visually, so ensure that you close your eyes, so you don’t interfere with any messages sent by spirit.

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