Della O’Brien

Content Marketer and Coach

The purpose of this blog is three-fold.

  • It’s a place where I post content so potential employers or clients can see what they can expect from me and my writing.

There is a portfolio with blog posts that do not follow the theme of this blog. If you would like access, please contact me and I will provide you the link. You can email me at contentandcoachingbydella@gmail.com.

  • It is also designed to not only demonstrate my knowledge of marketing, but also to share the knowledge with people who need it.
  • Coming soon: It will also house information for those wanting to create a business on a small budget, without being a tech wiz or going back to school for several years.

*The business information is great for anyone wanting to start a business or create an additional stream of income, but it will be exactly what salon owners need to compensate for a loss of income during the pandemic (or when they are ready to retire).

As a coach, I help salon owners create a business that can REPLACE:

R- Create a business that replaces or exceeds your pre-pandemic income.

E- Your business enhances your current brand image by allowing you to build a following online that is useful to your business once it is safe to be around people again and while we are waiting for it to be safe.

P- You can prepare yourself for retirement by putting your (new and improved) business in place ahead of time so you are ready to continue your career and pivot, so your business works when you don’t want to (or cannot) perform salon services or manage a team.

L- Creating this type of business allows you to leave a legacy for your children.

  • When you are ready to retire or pass, you can leave your family with security and a nest egg to grow from.

A- Your new and improved business can accelerate your current business (salon).

C- You can care for a target audience that you feel compelled to help.

E- You can reach expert status in the eyes of your target market.

Additionally, your new and improved business:

  • is well-suited to your talentseven the ones you don’t know about.
  • allows you to serve your existing clientele in a safe way that shows you appreciate the clients’ loyalty.
  • shows your staff and clientele you care about their well-being.

If you are:

  • looking for information on marketing,
  • looking for information on starting a business, without breaking the bank,
  • looking for a writer or copy consultant.
  • looking for information on creating a community.
  • looking for information on how to run webinars or workshops,
  • want to know how you can use the talents and skills you possess to replace or enhance your current brand’s success,

you have come to the right place.

This blog offers tips on:

  • Creating a business that allows you to generate income during the pandemic and afterwards (if you want).
  • Creating your website
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Blogging
  • Vlogging
  • YouTube channel creation and optimization
  • Lead generation
  • Creating your webinar or workshop
  • Creating a community for your followers

You have a target market that needs your products (physical and digital) and services, you deserve a marketer who enables you to focus on helping people, while I focus on helping those people find you. Many salon owners are uncomfortable with self-promotion because

they want to be a selfless, giving person. But

the reality is that you need money to:

  • pay for the things you need.
  • care for your loved ones
  • promote the causes that are dear to you.

And your potential clients need you. You are giving your help. That is generous, and you should be proud of that.

Services available include:

  • Blogging.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Copy consulting.
  • Done-for-you services, like blog posts and webinar scrips.
  • Walking you through setting up your website (or doing it for you). *I even have a shortcut you will love!


My portfolio houses different types of posts, ranging from environmental awareness to self-care. I enjoy digging deep into a subject with top-notch research, using the skills I have learned as a:

  • research analyst,
  • blogger,
  • and college student.

I can offer you original posts on the topic about which you want to educate your prospects- with my name in the byline or as a ghostwriter.

If you would like to see my portfolio, click HERE.

I make it my business to know what is trending in the marketing world, so I can offer my clients the best content to deliver to their target market. I read several publications devoted to marketing, business, etc. so my writing maintains a standard of excellence for you and your audience to enjoy.

Additionally, I routinely participate in marketing courses and recently attended the Traffic and Conversion Summit, so I know what is working now.

You can find a list of marketing certifications on my LinkedIn profile.

*I am also currently majoring in Psychology, with a specialty in marketing, so my posts and work are backed by a formal education.

For my LinkedIn profile, click HERE.

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I look forward to working with you and helping you deliver your message to the people you wish to serve.