What Meditation Did for Me During a Recent Medical Procedure You Won’t Believe.

The way I way I escaped from the event reminded me of how seasoned meditation practitioners can stand on nails with no pain… After reading this post, you’ll know more about: Meditation’s health benefits, How you can get started, including a plan for increasing your session time without feeling overwhelmed

Meditation took me away during my neurotomy.

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The way I way I escaped from the event reminded me of how seasoned meditation practitioners can stand on nails with no pain.

My back pain journey

A few years ago, I injured my back. To control the pain level, I receive neurotomies every six months or so. It is worth the pain during the procedure in exchange for relieving some of the excruciating pain in my everyday life.

If you are unfamiliar with the procedure, here is the definition. According to St. Luke’s Spine & Pain Associates, a neurotomy is a procedure that uses localized heating to cauterize a nerve. This procedure blocks pain signals from the nerve and the joint facets to the brain.

But this last Tuesday, I had a big surprise. The last few neurotomies I’ve had, I have meditated during the procedure and was in less pain and less anxious because of it. This time, I only had a few seconds of pain- 1 second at a time, sporadically. That shocked me!

While it is a minimally invasive procedure, previous neurotomies have been incredibly painful. Through meditation during the procedure, I have had less pain each time I’ve had a neurotomy. That’s because our ability to meditate and receive the full benefits increases as we continue to practice.

Meditation has played a considerable role in my overall healing too. I believe it will be even more effective soon because I can see its impact on pain. I believe this will happen because advanced meditators have been known to receive incredible health results through meditation, such as curing cancer or healing debilitating, permanent injuries.

Everyone’s experience is different, and you should only use it to supplement your healthcare provider’s advice.

After reading this post, you’ll know more about:

  • Meditation’s health benefits
  • How you can get started, including a plan for increasing your session time without feeling overwhelmed
  • Higher self meditation
  • Meditation Journals

Some of meditation’s health benefits include:

  • Reduced heart rate
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Relaxation and enhanced breathing, since meditation allows the meditator to take in more oxygen
  • Reduced muscle tension

Meditation Start-up Plan

  • 1 minute Breath Monitoring Mindfulness Meditation

Start slow- even 1 minute a day is a good start because you will increase your ability to meditate. The focus of the first session should be on observing the breath. Pay attention to how the air feels- cold on the inhale and warm on the exhale.

  • 2 minutes Higher Self Meditation

Once you make it through one minute and feel like you have cleared your mind, try adding a minute. During your second minute, ask your higher self if there is anything you need to know about BLANK (insert the concept you are seeking to understand or the decision you are contemplating).

You might be thinking that is too much to ask for one minute’s worth of meditation and listening for the answer. In a way, you are right. You probably won’t receive a response that quickly, especially if you are not in the habit of meditating. But there’s an increase in the level of connectedness between your higher self and your lower self during meditation.

Once you’ve made the connection and asked the question, consider it like leaving a voicemail for a professor or doctor. You might get a call back immediately, or not. Either way, you will receive your information from a reliable source.  

By lower self, I mean the self you most identify with daily, hourly, or most of the time, not your higher self. Being more connected to your higher self will strengthen that bond, even if it is just a minute per day. The effect on your spiritual health is tremendous.

Although you might not get your answer in one minute, if you spend some time listening in silence- even during the activities that follow your session, like housekeeping, the answer will likely come up.

The possibilities don’t end there. Your mind and spirit are still at work while you sleep, so you could receive your answer in a dream. Remember that not all dreams are to be taken literally. Symbolism is the language of the spirit, so think in metaphors or pay attention to how the various parts of the dream made you feel.

*If you want more information about dream interpretation, check out this post.

Once you feel adept at meditating for two minutes, increase your time, following the plan below.

  • 5 minutes
  • 10 minutes
  • 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 45 minutes
  • 1 hour

Use a Meditation Journal

Keep a meditation journal and document your thoughts and feelings from your meditation sessions. If you do not have any big takeaways, don’t get discouraged. Not every session will have groundbreaking revelations, but you will be caring for your whole self- mind, body, and spirit. The point is to keep your brain tidied up and your mind and spirit connected and harmonized.

Using a Meditation Journal will allow you to:

  • Document your findings
  • Recognize patterns in your thoughts and feelings
  • Record the techniques that work best for you during specific situations
  • Organize your thoughts
  • Process your feelings

The takeaway

Meditation has many health benefits, some of which are incredible and even unbelievable. You can meditate during uncomfortable or painful situations to make them more comfortable. By gradually increasing the length of your sessions, you can avoid overwhelm. Lastly, using a meditation journal will enhance your sessions’ effectiveness and allow you to see your progress.

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